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Wynand and Gemay van Heerden of Abela Game Breeders have always been passionate about the conservation and continual existence of rare game in South Africa.
Both Wynand and Gemay have a true passion for the wildlife industry. They registered ABELA Game Breeders (PTY) Ltd as a way to take their passion for rare game further. Along with their shared passion for rare game, the couple’s active involvement in the financial world led them to the notion of success in the breeding of rare game. The financial returns achievable are very much a part of the couples shared goal and they have merged this with their passion for rare game brilliantly at ABELA Game Breeders.
ABELA Game Breeders believe that “Quality will always maintain value”, they therefor strive to breed top quality animals. Both in stature, horns and fertility.

Visit: http://www.abelagamebreeders.com/

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